Biomass Power Generation

  •  Removes particulate and tars from syngas
  •  Low back pressure
  •  High temperature capability, can run continuously at 1000C
  •  Ability to clean the filter in-process, allows for 24 hour / day operation
  •  Cleans the syngas to a level where it can be directly fed to a turbine

Syngas Cleaning

Controlled combustion of waste products generates a syngas that is contaminated with carbon particulate and tar-like substances. These contaminants must be removed before feeding a gas combustion generator or turbine engine. Ceramic and metal candle filters are fouled by these emission products. The CerX ceramic fiber filter cartridges can trap and be periodically cleaned in-situ in high-temperature environments. Dual-systems can be installed for continuous operation. The filter materials are designed to operate in 1,000°C gas streams.

High-Temperature Gas Streams

Some biomass and methane gassifiers operate at temperatures that eliminate sticky tar materials, but, generate non-combustible particles that are hazardous to the generator or turbine blades. The CerX filter cartridge can function at these high temperatures to remove particles. Furthermore, the filters are not fouled by any tar-like particles that might be produced during system start up or shut down.

Filter Installed Filter Installation