Commercial Food Processing

  •  99% efficient at removal of 3 micron particles
  •  Ability to clean the filter in-process, allows for 24 hour / day operation
  •  Can be adapted to Standard Exhaust Hood System

Grease Control

Restaurant Grease Emission Control – Airborne Grease

CerX is developing two systems to eliminate the airborne grease emissions from restaurants that charbroil meats. One system is roof-mounted for stand-alone restaurants. A second system is in-hood for protecting duct-work in commercial high rise buildings and shopping malls.

Prepared Food Processing Plants

The restaurant system can be scaled to handle thousands of cubic feet/minute exhaust streams to service large commercial food processing plants that pre-cook large high volumes of grease-emitting or organic particulate emission products. These include such industries as meat and bakery processing plants.

General Nuisance Particulate Generators

Commercial laundry lint and organic lubricants, pharmaceutical, chemical and petro-chemical plants can benefit from the CerX system’s ability to continuously trap and periodical clean, in-situ. This offers a state-of-the-art solution to reduce these nuisance emissions at low capital, operating and maintenance costs.