High-Temperature Ceramic Gas Filters

  •  Filters can operate at temperatures up to 1000C
  •  Backpressure of the filter when clean is low, < 1" H2O or <2.5 millibar
  •  Efficiently removes grease and oil particles
  •  Can be regenerated in process
  •  Handles gas stream flows up to 500,000 CFM or 850,000 m3/hr

The ceramic fiber filter operates to 1,000°C, with all filter cartridge components manufactured using high purity aluminum oxide and silicon carbide materials. The filter media can be designed for a specific application. Open porosity of 85% can be produced for low backpressure to capture large or “sticky” particulate. Fine porosity of 60% can be manufactured for fine particulate removal in both air and liquid streams. The CerX patented pleating process provides high surface areas in small spaces and unlimited filter cartridge shape options. The light weight of the filter cartridges is particularly beneficial for large exhaust streams; structural support and total system weight reduce total filter system equipment costs. CerX can provide small quantity custom filter cartridge designs or large volume quantities for any application. We work with a number of exhaust system integrators and environmental engineering companies. CerX is also experienced in testing for new process development, with 13 years of experience in this area.